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Unsere Schwesterseiten /Our Sister Sites    :

    At the end of each term
status to the student
reporting ''Report“ will be given.

    Also successful
to students,
at the end of a term
on their report cards 
they received
according to notes
''Thanks Certificate“
or ''Certificate of appreciation"
    will be given.
    Notes taken from courses
average '' 71-85% between "

    Certificate of appreciation And
average '' 86-100% between
Certificate of appreciation will be given.

    For those who complete each section,
that is, friend, brother and student
at the end of the period

    instead of report cardDiploma" 
will be given.



    Education period picture
starting schools and
like due dates.

    One year,
two periods
is leaving.
Public schools 
starting from

until new year
period 1st semester, 
after new year holiday
    to the closing of schools
up to
in the period2nd semester sort of.


In every period
determined by educators
on dateswritten and
oral examination

    In addition to these notes, general
in their evaluations
taking into account,

    grade average semester
It goes on the report card as a grade.

Average of two semester grades,
determines class passing status.

Distance Learning
in the future 
people their own They can determine their own speed.
Successful students
training periodscan shortens.
After learning the specified curriculum
They can also give their exams remotely.

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