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      Course Rules

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 Course Rules

1. Teacherif he says
on time

teacher not arriving on time
He will not attend the class.

2. Less than a minute into the lesson.
student who stays too late
They will not be allowed into the classroom.

     3. The right to absenteeism
after usinglesson
up to time 
one time
including, additional
An excuse will be given.
Lesson 4together
get ready
will be processed.

Without speaking during class
will not be spoken,
someone is talking in class
his word will not be interrupted

and will not be interfered with. 
Especially the harsh reaction  to show

and will strain the classroom environment
to behave 

wrong attitudes such as
will never be allowed.

5. Every opinion, every comment
and every evaluation
respect will be shown,

open to criticism will be;
But the criticisms are hurtful
not, it will be constructive.

         What needs to be said
A very serious criticism
If so, in the presence of the class

and not in a degrading way,
It will be sent specifically to that person.

In 6th gradebe ideological
or partying like
from behaviors
to be avoided, but ideas
and opinions freely 
will be discussed.

7.Material or spiritual in the sense,
people who have any problems,
Call your friends or friends for help
the teacher of the lesson
will inform,

having such a special situation
together for students
A solution will be produced.

8.Research groups
will create,
scientific studies and
to social activities 

support will be given.

9. reading books and
investigation studies

will be done,

these are in class
would be evaluated.

 10. Success in the classroom
students showing,

againcommon class
will be rewarded by the decision.

11. Decisions, vote
will be taken.

    12. Those who do not comply with the decisions,
by common determination of the class
will be punished.

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