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Our Activities 
Our history

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     When it comes to Education and Service Activities
He who does not correct himself cannot correct others.
According to our main rule, it is generally based on Risale-i Nur...

Guidance and Consultancy Services    
     • Family and child education before and after marriage ,
     • Sportive, Cultural and Religious educational activitiesas well as     
•  ''Mother and Father Schoolunder the name "parentsof
while raising their children they can follow way and methods
many likematerial Andspiritual education We provide services.
     In Turkey and Europe
Young people in families of Turkish origin live in their own small worlds.
     While successfully completing their financial education
He who created the mosquito's eye also created the Sun.saying “
     It draws the eye's attention from looking at the meaning by its letter instead of its name.
     We are trying to show you the way.
     On the other hand
genuine taste Andtaste without pain Andjoy without sorrow
     Andhappiness in life alone is in faith Andtruths of faith
     It is located in the apartment
“Presenting its truth to the eyes, lessons of faith and
     We are trying to remind them that they should not neglect their spiritual education.
     To our people
Life capital is very small. There are many necessary tasks
     bringing the truth closer to their minds, as well as their bodies,
     culture andimproving your beliefsAndpreservationtogether with
     We show you ways to live with different people.
     The beauties of Islam and our culture
Risale-i Nur axisBy living in, 
     We want to show it to European people.


A work that will save us in the afterlifeIf we don't have it,
      Appreciating the works we leave behind in the mortal world
      The target is of Turkish origin, born or raised in Europe
      and a westerner or European who completed their education in Europe
      As Muslims, we are trying to serve.
A magnificent and unfortunate continent, a glorious and unfortunate state,
     the prescription of a valuable and abandoned tribe; Unity of Islam
     Since 1992, in the heart of Europe, Germany 
     Baden-Württemberg AndRhineland-Palatinate in the states and
     Since 2005Nordrhein-Westfalenin the state
     We carry out many educational activities with great devotion.
     For many years, like thirty to forty years
Of an exposed century, of a sick element, of a weak limb
     To our people who feel their pain especially in Germany and Europe,
your prescriptionfollowing the Qur'an“, with many of our activities
     We are trying to help them understand.

Good Lessons

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